Senior Project Manager

Social Verzekeringsbank

Project Implementatie SVB Werkplek (01-2019 – 04-2019)
– Implementation of newly developed SVB workstations

– Create signed-off implementation plan
– Establish project governance
– Establish signed-off transition needed in organisation
– Manage acceptance organisational changes needed
– Manage stakeholders in governmental environment

– Managed pilot implementation
– Accepted transition and implementation

Project VDI (10-2018 – 04-2019)
– Migration VDI from Windows 7 to Windows 10
– Set up advice decrease unwanted high user rights in VDI environment
– Decrease number of VDI’s used

– Manage policies from creation to sign-off regarding VDI usage
– Manage decrease number of VDI’s used
– Guide transition through organisation
– Manage (extremely) high expectations different stakeholders

– Accepted Advice user rights
– Strongly reduced VDI usage
– Upgrade VDI’s to Windows 10

Product Owner/ Project Manager Remote Desktop Services Go-Live (10-2018 – 01-2019)
– Create production ready, managed RDS environment
– Transition to one way of working for involved teams

– Establish requirements Product Owner and general manager
– Manage building a scalable, measurable RDS environment
– Manage scope, stakeholders, quality and planning
– Manage adoption way of working with RDS in the organisation

– Implemented RDS transition
– Available applications in RDS

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