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Senior Project Manager

Noordwest Ziekenhuisgroep

Project Enterprise Mobility Management (01-2018 – 09-2018) – Enable a Mobile Working environment, and implement it in the organisation
– Safe mobile working environment implemented and adopted in organisation
– Mobile EPD available for medical staff

– Set up policies working mobile with medical data
– Steer on setting requirements
– Manage set-up of Security en End Point Management
– Coach on transferring knowledge through organization, train employees
– Manage pilot and implementation EMM within the hospital
– Manage adoption and acceptance changes within the organisation
– Manage stakeholders and suppliers in politic environment

– Policies, processes, EMM and security for mobile working implemented
– Transition successfully finished, and change embedded in organisation

Project Netwerkzonering (01-2018 – 09-2018) – Upgrade the network to future-proof, to support the roll-out of the new Electronic Patient Dossier
– Deliver future-proof, redundant and secure network
– Enhance knowledge in teams, strengthen administration and architecture

– Steer on optimising and move to new Cloud-infrastructure
– Manage delivery of redundant connections for 3 datacenters and 8 locations
– Manage stakeholders, planning, cost and quality
– Manage training and learning trails architects and administrators

– Network environment according to requirements on redundancy and security
– Insight in own infrastructure and enhanced level of knowledge

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