Senior Project Manager

Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen (DJI)

Project Proces support ROM and diagnostics CTP Veldzicht (10-2020 – 07-2021)
– Transition ROM and diagnostics processes to digital solution

– Establish requirements to used processes and tools
– Manage selection and implementation tool
– Manage stakeholders, planning and embedding in organisation

– System and way of working with it implemented successfully

Project PatiëntVolgSysteem (PVS) Oostvaarders kliniek (05-2020 – 07-2021)
– Write advice and develop way to handle different functionalities in PVS
– Ensure continuity data and system

– Formalise current informal relationship with supplier
– Manage migration to SaaS solution
– Write extensive advice regarding future and possibilities PVS
– Manage stakeholders, planning, cost, quality and embedding in organisation

– Advice signed-off by steering committee
– Formalised relationships
– Migration PVS to SaaS handed over to successor

Project Mextra EPD Pieter Baan Centrum (08-2019 – 02-2020)
– Upgrade severely outdated system to latest version
– Manage testing and sign-off users
– Establish and agree release process with supplier

– Established and agreed release cycle
– Smooth upgrade and transition to accepted latest release

Project Recidive Expertise (HKT-R digitaal) (06-2019 – 03-2021)
– Embed digitally supported HKT-R risk assessment process in the organisation

– Manage design and acceptance of processes with involved psychologists
– Manage selection and implementation of tool
– Manage stakeholders, planning, cost, quality and embedding in organisation
– Manage design and implementation of a complex link with the EPD


– Uniform process, supported by the right tool, linked to the EPD
– Satisfied users

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